655. A Few Secrets About Manifesting


There’s a wealth of content out there on how to bring dreams to life and how to create a life you love. In all my searching, I’ve discovered that there’s a large degree of agreement around what it takes to bring a true heart’s desire to fruition.

In essence, the teachings and Uni-versal laws, although often described differently, agree that in order to manifest something, we have to:
1) Be very clear on what it is we’re creating.
2) Be a vibrational match for the thing we are calling in to attract it; and
3) Let go of our attachment to if and how “it” shows up to leave room for the Divine plan to unfold.

When it comes to this fun and sometimes drama-filled little game we humans play called “manifesting,” my favorite analogy is to picture ourselves as giant magnets. Looking at the above principles through this lens, the process of attracting what we want into our lives requires us to move through the following steps:

1) Decide what kind of magnet you want to be i.e. What are you creating, attracting, desiring? The clearer and more specific you are, the more powerful your magnet will be.

*This step seems relatively simple although with practice, we often discover that we can be even more precise in conceiving our vision than we thought.

2) Embody the energy of the thing or experience you are manifesting, i.e., cultivating the thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and being-ness of already having, being worthy of  and being one and the same as that which you are calling in.

**Most of us spend most of our time on this step, reading self-help books, attending personal growth workshops, seeing healers and therapists, all in order to remember our true worth and “become” a, b, c so we can have x, y & z. Eventually, we realize that we and the Source were one all along, that we were worthy all along and it was only our realization of these truths that was lacking.

3) Completely relinquish our attachment to any outcome, to our need for the wish to come to fruition and for our prayer to be answered.

***Once we have done our part in steps 1 and 2, the last thing to do is the most challenging and somewhat contradictory. The wisdom suggests that we have to actually to let go of our desired outcome, as well as any specific vision of how it will show up and be open to co-creation with the Uni-verse.

After much frustration, I recently discovered that this last step is where I was stuck and it was because I missed a very important nuance that has been a game changer.

Are you still with me?

Despite being very clear on what I wanted to attract in my life, despite being well-versed in the practice of really believing I was able to have it all and despite being less attached than I’ve ever been, things were still not really showing up in a way that felt like it was really happening for me.

And then I discovered a special little SECRET. One that I had probably heard before but never REALLY understood on a practical level. I finally got to the very core of what the third and final step was all about and I saw crystal clear what I had been missing.

S P A C E.

Yes, space.

The laws of physics state that two things cannot exist in the same space at the same time. And so it is with our ability to bring into our reality those things which we desire and wish to create.

It doesn’t matter how clear you are on what you want to manifest and how energetically aligned you are with it if you’re not creating any room for those things to show up in your life.

This is true whether we’re talking about relationships, things or experiences. You can’t have the relationship of your dreams while you’re still holding on to the one that isn’t really fulfilling you. You can’t have the career that will make your heart sing while still staying a slave to the one that makes you miserable. You can’t have the flow and experience of abundance in your life when you’re hoarding and holding on to everything you have for someday. You can’t have deep intimacy and connection while keeping  your truth hidden and in the way.

In the past month, I’ve been creating a lot of space in my life and the impact has been profound. I’ve given away tons of clothes, belongings and material things I was holding on to even though I wasn’t using them or planning to for the foreseeable future.  I sold my car. I majorly de-cluttered my living space. I’ve let go of some significant business ties that were no longer feeling like a good fit and I’ve cleared the space in my most important personal relationships by cleaning up old messes with love and truth.

What I’ve also realized is that when I was holding on to the old, there was a subtle underlying belief that there wasn’t more goodness to come and so to this extent, I was entirely embodying the belief that my prayers were being answered, I wasn’t fully trusting that I would be provided for and that falsehood was in the way as well.

In the space that this has created, things are moving toward me and flowing in with greater velocity than I can ever remember. The best part is that I’m not having to put out as much effort or struggle.

When we create space in our lives,we make way for the Universe to fill it with those things our hearts have been asking for. We become like wish-fishers standing still in the middle of the stream of life’s flow watching it all come towards us and choosing what we want to reach out and bring in to our experience.

So… you know what to do. Clear the way. Let go of the old. De-clutter your inner and outer spaces. Give up what you don’t want or don’t need. Remove anything that is blocking the flow materially, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energetically. And then be still and see what happens.

You are a powerful magnet. Are you making S P A C E for your heart’s dreams and wishes to manifest?


652. Being In Alignment.




We often hear from many professionals and speakers that we need to be in alignment to create what we want. Indeed, if you have worked with me you’ve heard it from me, too! But what, exactly does that mean? What are we supposed to be in alignment with and how do we do it?

Some Basic Concepts
It is important to understand the nature of who we really are in order to understand alignment. We, as humans, tend to think of ourselves as being either physical or spiritual. The truth is that we are both physical and spiritual. The larger part of us, our soul, is always in spirit. It is part of Source Energy. When we decide to experience the expansion of the physical world, we come into the body knowing we are always connected to that Source. When we leave the physical, we simply rejoin the larger part of who we are. We come into the physical to focus intensively from a certain viewpoint or perspective and experience the variety that this world offers. We sift through the variety, developing preferences and as we do so, we expand beyond who we were.

Alignment with Who We Really Are
The alignment we seek, then, is alignment with that larger part of ourselves–our soul, or source, which is always loving and serene. Our souls have many wonderful qualities, including love, wisdom, peace, joy, creativity, higher will and purity to name a few!

When we experience something we don’t want we automatically send out a desire for the opposite. If we experience someone being rude to us, we desire to be treated with respect. If we see we have bills and the money in our bank account is not going to cover them, we desire more money. If we find our jobs boring or meaningless, we want work that excites and fulfills us–and so on. This desire goes out as vibration whether we express it in words or not. Our souls immediately expand into the new desire and become the vibrational equivalent of it. The pain we feel is because we haven’t caught up to the new version of ourselves at the soul level.

Getting Into Alignment        
So how do we catch up? How do we get into alignment with the new, expanded version of ourselves and see the manifestation of that in this physical reality?

We are born with an internal guidance system called our emotions, which tell us when we are heading towards or away from what we want. When we feel negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, worry, and so on, we are pinching ourselves off from our Source and our well-being. This can be simply understood as a state of contraction. When we feel hope, interest, positive expectation, happiness, joy, enthusiasm, appreciation, etc, we are allowing our flow and connection to Source. This is expansion. Alignment, then, is a state of expansion. It is an emotional state that feels good. When we feel expanded we are perceiving in the same way our souls do. The way to get into alignment with your higher self is to feel good!

When you are faced with situations that feel “big, bad and awful” it doesn’t always seem like an easy task to move in a direction of feeling good. We have long practiced the vibrations of fear and lack. You could ask any of your friends and they would agree that your situation is terrible, not fair, or whatever you perceive it to be. It takes an effort of will to decide to shift into a new way of thinking and feeling.

This is why, as a coach, one of my primary goals with clients is to teach them how to soothe their energy to feel good no matter what they may perceive as reality at the time. The only way to shift into the reality you want, is to shift your thinking. when you reach for better feeling thoughts, your feeling state begins to change. From that jumping off place, you can now attract even better feelings to you. As you feel better and get more into alignment with your higher self, you now have access to solutions and good ideas. As stated earlier, your soul, or higher self, is wise. You have within you all the answers you seek. The only way to access those answers is to be in alignment–to feel good!